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made or seen on different Websides and on Websites for sales in auction. For the pleasure...


Industrial Diesel Locomotive with open wagon and his crane

Scratch Build 01.0   Scratch Build 01.1

Very Wunderfull Industrial Locomotive

Scratch Build 02.0   Scratch Build 02.1

Scratch Build 02.2   Scratch Build 02.3

Industrial Diesel Locomotive Deutz OMZ "Kriesgrube Klausendorf"

Scratch Build 03.0   Scratch Build 03.1

Scratch Build 03.2   Scratch Build 03.3

Red and White Combi VW on Kato 4 Wheel chassis

Scratch Build 04.0   Scratch Build 05.0

Citroën HY on Kato 4 Wheel chassis and 0-6-0 Industrial Diesel Kö Rocco

Scratch Build 06.0   Scratch Build 07.0

I think based on Jouef V43 one " double " 2e Class Coach - Spendid !!

Scratch Build 08.0   Scratch Build 08.1

One "Toilet of wheel" and a Crane with side car

Scratch Build 09.0   Scratch Build 10.0

4Scratch Build 10.1   Scratch Build 10.2

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