H0e or OO9 ?

The H0 Scale (half 0 = the half of 0) was made by Märklin. The H0e Scale was invented in 1963 - Munich (South German)

by the association of three brothers which began to make reduced models from railways. Very early on one of the three

gave up his share of the business, leaving the firm in the hands of mechanical engineer Theodor Egger and business

man Johann Egger. Egger-Bahn was born. The purpose was to represent a narrow gauge industrial railway in H0 scale

on 9 mm track gauge (that had never been offered before !). These models represent a real-life gauge of 750 mm (600 to

1000 mm today). In 1963, by the Nuernberg Toy Fair, Egger-Bahn introduces some models : green Diesel loco (which was

inspired by a Gmeinder prototyp) #101 and later #1001, or Diesel Silver Loco #1011 (than later #1007), tiltable mining

wagon #2100 (tipper wagon ?), log truck #202 and case wagon #203. I want to say that H0e looks like OO9 or HOn30.

OO9 is a model railway scale and gauge combination of 4 mm scale and 9 mm (0,354 in) gauge tracks => N gauge model.

Green Diesel loco #101Silver Diesel loco #1011 Tipper wagon #2100 Log wagon #202 Case wagon #203

After faillure of Egger-Bahn in 1967, a party of the production was taken back by Jouef from 1968 to 1972 and from 1985 to 1994.

Deceauville 020T Log wagon with wood  #V21

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