Small description : this Layout represents an imaginary Sawmill and its narrow gauge forest Train. Epoch 70/80.

Details : Length 1600 x Largeur 900 (including 300 of slide) x Height 400 mm (bottom of the Scenic divider).

See the plan of the layout

The Layout has 7,50 meters of H0e tracks and 7 motorized Switch ROCO. Transformed Models JOUEF for
the sawmill, hall in construction of personal manufacture out of balsa and matches. For the decoration the tunnel
is carried out of coated latticed structure of plaster. The road bridge is made out of wood and paperboards. The
vegetation made of various foam and flocking, trees in Zeechium. Also some various véhicules
HERPA, PREISER). Locomotives and Rolling Stock from EGGER-BAHN, JOUEF, ROCO, LILIPUT.

For the visit I make four Scenic Slideshow from my layout : select the part which you wish to see.

The timber stockageThe SawmillThe new HallSome détails
The timber stockage
The Sawmill
The new hall
Some details
16 photograhs
15 photographs
17 photographs
20 photographs
I wish you a good visit and leave me, if you wish it, your comments

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