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Lima Stone CO.

Two Trcuck Shay Lima Stone #10

I want to make a layout named "Lima Stone CO." which is a freelance 0e layout (1:45 scale, 16.5mm gauge)
with a Lima Stone Company Shay Number 10, a narrow gauge 24 Ton three-cylinder Shay c/n 3288,
wich was delivered
by Lima Locomotive Works in August 08/1925

Wheels : Shay - 2 truck / Construction N° : 3288 / Empty Weights 59,600 / Weight on Drivers 59,600
Diameter : 29 / Tractive Effort : 7,350 / Boiler Pressure : 170 / Cylinders : 8x8 / Fuel : Coal / Gauge : 36"

This locomotive is now in the Allen County Museum - Lima- Ohio - USA.

Lima Stone Co.

Lima Stone Co. No. 10 Lima, OH Photo Copyright Wayne York

The model from Bachmann "T-BOILER Two Truck SHAY " #25699 PAINTED, UNLETTERED (BLACK).

T-Boiler Two Truck Shay Bachmann Specrtrum #25699

Bachmann have produced a superb two truck T boiler Shay. It is mostly die cast metal with plastic
detail parts.
It has a highly geared motor which drives into the back of the finely modelled steam
engine and then drives down to the trucks through the prototypical drive shaft and bevel gears.

and now my, ma Shay 2 trucks de la Lima Stone CO. #10

Ma Shay 1Ma Shay 2

Ma Shay 3

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