Lima Stone CO.

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Steam locomotive
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Below is a short history of the Lima Stone CO.

My next project : one layout in On30 named "Lima Stone CO." year 1920-1930
which is a freelance On30 layout (1:48 scale, 16.5mm gauge) with a
Shay - 2 trucks #10, a narrow gauge 24 Ton three-cylinder Shay
c/n 3288, wich was delivered by Lima Locomotive Works in 08/1925

Two Trcuck Shay Lima Stone #10

Wheels : Shay - 2 truck / Construction N° : 3288 / Empty Weights 59,600 / Weight on Drivers 59,600
Diameter : 29 / Tractive Effort : 7,350 / Boiler Pressure : 170 / Cylinders : 8x8 / Fuel : Coal / Gauge : 36"

This locomotive is now in the Allen County Museum - Lima- Ohio - USA.

Lima Stone Co.

Lima Stone Co. No. 10 Lima, OH Photo Copyright Wayne York

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